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Mothers Ruin is a website for those who love live music and musicians. And guitars. And other music related paraphernalia

Ever since I was an 'itch in my daddy's pants' i have been surrounded by music. It has been the soundtrack to my life and is an evocative source of memories - both good and bad - as well as the introduction to so many people who have become my world. And got me through many trials and tribulations and enabled me to come through the other side almost sane again. Having spent many hours in the dark, loud utopia of gigs it seemed an obvious evolution to put into writing all i have heard. Thanks go to John Bull of Rockrpix who gave me the idea and opportunity to meet some of our heroes and to use my long learned interview and review techniques honed in my 'real job' to a far more satisfying use.

So this is a thank you to all those musicians keeping it live and keeping it real who have bought so much pleasure to our lives. .

Rock on.


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